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  1. MMA 101: The Arts Behind Mixed Martial Arts

    Having been involved in mixed martial arts (MMA) for almost a decade, I sometimes forget it is still a new sport to most people. As such, the concept of the sport may not be very clear for people encountering the sport for the first time. What exactly does the name mean – mixed martial arts? What are the “arts” involved in MMA?

    While some fans could get into an in-depth conversation about the origins of MMA, recalling Bruce Lee and Helio Gracie, the sport has evolved into something ...
  2. Download Speeds!

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    After Stone and Cake berated me for having a slow internet connection.. I upgraded.

    Im almost up to 50Mbps!

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  3. What I have been up doing!

    What's going on boy's? Sorry, I haven't been on to check on you fuckers lately. I bought my first house (Townhouse), so I have been tied up in that. I seem to want to do anything at once. Since, I moved in I have installed a new water heater, carpet in the downstairs bedroom, painted the whole downstairs, built a fucking kick ass workbench, started the man cave which is coming alone well, just need a few more signs and my bar; which I am planning to build this Spring. I moved in a 44 year old HOT ...