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      Just saying Hi again.

      Just saying Hi as we all travel in life waiting for the next thing to happen. Seen some posts and info that they are developing a new Battelfield for 2018. Very little information on what it is going to be like. The comments on some of the things I've seen are going to drive it back to some of the long term players interests.

      Beyond that my work is very busy, wears me down daily. Still playing the offline Ghost Recon. I could have finished the game however decided that I'm going to clean up and take out everything on all the maps. There was an option that popped up in the game that said I could go for the kill and end it. No the maps are good and the missions are not the same old thing. Everything has a different way of completing the mission, makes you think that is why it is so fun for me.

      Finally I think It would be fun and good to schedule a get together where everyone takes some time just to get on TS and say hi again. I could text a few people if anyone else is interested. Again can't stay up too late on a work night myself!

      OK, been drinking beer with my right arm so need to go beat off with my left to balance things out!

      Come ON!
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      Hey Randy!! Life is good!!! We are actually doing a lot better down here, although dealing with family members in need (my wife's mother, while dealing with dementia, is going through the stage between life as usual and have to move into assisted living....with family) and pulling ourselves up as well as making sure our kids get a solid start in life.

      I actually starting to get used to the fact that as I get older my life is actually going to get much tougher, the pain of arthritis has set in hard on my hands and back but you know what, FUCK IT!! Shit could be a lot worse and we have been very fortunate!

      I'm still playing and willing to play BF1 anytime, as I already have 120 invested in it, and I would also be willing to take another risk in the newest BF IF friends actually play it.

      I'm up for getting together anytime, NO POLITICS, and just get drunk and shoot up some shit!!

      The future is looking much brighter!!

      OH!! And I bought the Viet Nam version of Rising Sun, it's freakin cool!! Hardcore....but cool!!

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